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Davino Advanced System

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What is DAS - Davino Advanced System?

The DAS - Davino Advanced System is a unique non conventional Integrated Electronic System for a Smart Management aimed to produce High Quality Concrete. Conceived by the D'Avino team, the DAS is the first and only Integrated Weighing System now available worldwide for D'Avino machines solely.

The DAS combines:

  • New Electronic Weighing System
  • New Electronic Water meter
  • New Electronic Admixture meter
  • Smart Concrete Management Electronic Control Unit
  • New Printer
What does DAS - Davino Advanced System do?

The DAS - Davino Advanced System allows the Operator to manufacture with ease and certainty High Quality Concrete from the new driver post composed of:

  • New Steering Column, adjustable, made of thermoformed abs with
  • New Smart Dashboard built in which combines the
  • New Wiring

The DAS allows the operator with comfort and in an intuitive manner to:

  • Store up to 10 different customized concrete mix-design formulas
  • Manage up to 6 components (cement, 3 aggregates, water, admixtures)
  • Select the desired mix-design formula showing target quantities
  • Preset the quantity for each component
  • Partially load each component and keep measuring the already loaded material at each stop. The system the restarts from that point to complete the loading
  • Visualize with ease on the backlighted display the already loaded quantities
  • Print the formula including both the target and the actual quantities.
Why DAS - Davino Advanced System?

Manufacturing Accurate Quality Concrete on-site the required quantity, pouring it still being fresh, timely and with precision wherever it is needed, is a self-evident economic and operative advantage for your jobsite management. No more late delivery, no more increased costs, no troubles when casting nor uncertainty about the quantity and quality of the product. Thanks to the innovative DAS, the D'Avino machines are the only and the very first self loading concrete mixers able to manufacture with ease, certainty annd comfort Hight Quality Concrete eligible for Certification, wherever it is needed, timely and in the right quantity.

D'Avino - The Right Concrete. Right Now!

Benefits and Functions of DAS - Davino Advanced System?
  • All steps of the concrete production process manageable from the driver's seat
  • Memorizes up to 10 different, customisable mix designs with 6 components each
  • A retro-illuminated display of component quantities
  • Allows for partial loading of each component
  • Precision and simplicity which enables certainty of mix designs, with desired quantities and quality within strict timelines
  • Less labour intensive concrete mixing
  • Cost effective solution, saving costs and minimising wastage
  • Tried and tested technologies used in various conditions around the world