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Davino is a world-class, internationally recognised, leading brand of self-loading concrete mixers. Davino mixers have been used and loved worldwide and are now available in all provinces throughout South Africa.

Our specialised range of self-loading concrete mixers, is both designed and manufactured in Italy, using top-of-the-range technologies and world class expertise, bringing quality assured, innovative concrete mixers to concrete and industrial sectors globally.

At Davino, we sell more than just concrete mixers, but offer all our clients full machine, finance and after sale support services. We believe in building lasting relationships to ensure the ongoing quality and performance excellence of our products in your business.

Davinos are innovatively designed and specifically manufactured to create value for your business through the Davino Advanced System, "DAS", which is the first and only integrated non-conventional electronic intelligent management system of concrete production available exclusively on Davino self-loading concrete mixers.

Then benefits and functions of DAS:

  • All steps of the concrete production process manageable from the driver's seat
  • Memorizes up to 10 different, customisable mix designs with 6 components each
  • A retro-illuminated display of component quantities
  • Allows for partial loading of each component
  • Precision and simplicity which enables certainty of mix designs, with desired quantities and quality within strict timelines
  • Less labour intensive concrete mixing
  • Cost effective solution, saving costs and minimising wastage
  • Tried and tested technologies used in various conditions around the world